a little something about us



Laura Miller

Laura grew up in Lexington, KY. She spends much of her time caring for people as a Registered Nurse at the University of Kentucky. She also enjoys naps, coffee, flimsy bacon, bullet journaling and annoying our cat (his name is Dewey).


Steven Jump

Steven grew up in various parts of Kentucky, primarily Lexington. He earned a degree in IT and spends much of his time providing IT support for the University of Kentucky, where he plans to continue his education. He also enjoys interesting music, fine whiskey, stand-up comedy and all things Doctor Who.



We met on Christmas Eve 2006 (on that forgotten website called MySpace) and quickly realized we had a lot in common (same school, a lot of mutual friends, and a love for music). We began dating on February 20, 2007. We did a lot of growing, learning and maturing together, and finally got engaged on April 22, 2018. Now we can't wait to celebrate our wedding with our family and friends on June 1, 2019.